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Quintus Smyrnaeus, 4th cent. Subject Term:. Trojan War -- Comic books, strips, etc. Electronic Access:.

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Physical Description:. General Note:. Merbein Library. Summary For ten years, the battle raged. Horn Book Review Each comic tells a condensed version of a myth or legend. Select a list. Make this your default list.

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The following items were successfully added. There was an error while adding the following items. Please try again. One or more items could not be added because you are not logged in. For me the whole geographical thing was a fascination. Yes, this is by Madeline Miller who is an American academic. It was her debut novel and it won the Orange Prize. For some reason I came across it when it first came out, before anyone else knew about it, and I absolutely loved it. At the beginning Patroclus is the underdog.

Then he makes friends with Achilles, this golden, god-like boy and they go off to the centaur Chiron and are educated by him. Then, of course, they go to the Trojan War. I just loved the richness of the language, the descriptions.

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She really made me feel I was in ancient Greece — the smells, the whole environment. I knew how it ended, of course. I thought the relationship she depicted between Achilles and Patroclus was very beautiful. I was so sad at the end, I almost cried. Was it also a very accurate retelling? The author teaches Greek and Latin, so I expect there was a lot of attention…. To source material, absolutely. She clearly knows her Homer and associated sources.

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She researched and researched and researched in order to get all the details right. You just have to do your best. Everything she has in there is pretty authentic — or as authentic as it possibly can be. Every single Greek myth is in this book, is that right?

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This is my Greek myth bible. Robert Graves was the most amazing ancient history scholar and a marvellous writer as well. In the book is he just translating ancient texts or is he telling the stories himself? They cram in absolutely everything. The footnotes are just amazing. If you want to know all the Greek myths then definitely read it. Take it in chunks. No, absolutely not. He was just steeped in the whole thing. Adele is one of my favourite writers for children and teenagers. Ithaka is part of a loose trilogy based on the Odyssey , the Iliad and the Aeneid. So Ithaka is written from the point of view Penelope, who is waiting for her husband, Odysseus, to come back from the Trojan War?

From the Series Graphic Myths and Legends. For ten years, the battle raged. After a decade of fighting and thousands dead, the Greek forces suddenly fell back. Cautiously the Trojans ventured out of the city walls, where they discovered a giant wooden horse and a messenger. Should they accept this peace offering?

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Or is the gift horse too good to be true? The authors also do an admirable job of condensing the complicated plot so that readers new to the story can learn about the main characters and events. Justine Fontes was born in New York City. Justine found her first job in publishing while she was a Freshman. She worked at various publishing houses before becoming a freelance writer. They started writing together and have written over children's books.