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Subsidiary notes as to the introduction of female nursing into military hospitals in peace and in war. Presented by request to the Secretary of State for War. Notes on matters affecting the health efficiency and hospital administration of the British Army founded chiefly on the experience of the later war. Notes on nursing: what it is and what it is not. London, Harrison. Fraser's magazine.

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May, p. O'Malley, I. Florence Nightingale, — London, Thornton Butterworth. Seymer, L. Selected writings of Florence Nightingale. New York, MacMillan. Strachey, L. Florence Nightingale. In : Eminent Victorians.

Now available from Penguin Books. Vicinus, M. Ever yours, Florence Nightingale. London, Virago Press. Works by Florence Nightingale — Notes on matters affecting the health, efficiency and hospital administration of the British army founded chiefly on the experience of the late war. Notes on hospitals: being two papers read before the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, at Liverpool, in October With evidence given to the Royal Commissioners on the State of the Army in London, John W. Suggestions for throught for searchers after religious truth.

Privately printed. How people may live and not die in India. London, Emily Faithfull.

Notes on hospitals. Third edition. London, Longmans.


Florence Nightingale c. Letters were obtained from over archives worldwide.

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Print sources were also pursued for material, for sometimes a letter was available in a published source, but no manuscript could be found. Electronic publication is planned of the names file information on correspondents, colleagues, authors and experts cited , a full chronology of her letters, including incoming letters as well as her own, and events, and the transcription files themselves. All letters will be made available electronically not all are in the published volumes, and for some excerpts were taken, to avoid repetition.

She has published extensively on women theorists three books and numerous articles , on political sociology, criminology and the environment. An environmentalist and political activist, she has served on the board of directors of Climate Action Network, Canada, and works on electoral reform, for proportional representation. The Collected Works of Florence Nightingale: The Complete Set comprises all the surviving writing of Florence Nightingale, featuring original material from over archives and private collections worldwide. She often made notes for important letters that she sent, and sometimes kept copies of them.

Of official documents, of printed memoranda, pamphlets, reports, and returns, she accumulated an immense collection.

The Voice of Florence Nightingale on Advocacy

And though she was not a regular diarist, she was in the habit of jotting down on sheets of notepaper her engagements, impressions, thoughts, meditations, as also in many cases reports of conversations. The collection of letters received by Miss Nightingale, and of her notes for letters sent by her, has been supplemented, through the kindness of many of her correspondents or their representatives, by letters which were received from her.

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I am more especially indebted in this respect to the care of the late Sir Douglas Galton, whose docketed collection of letters from Miss Nightingale, taken in conjunction with a long series of his letters to her, forms a main authority for much of the record of her activity in public affairs. Her letters to Julius and Mary Mohl, returned to her after the death of the latter, are, in another way, of peculiar interest.

I am particularly indebted, among the lenders of letters addressed to nursing friends, to Miss Pringle and to the father of the late Mrs. Daniel Morris Miss Rachel Williams. Miss Pringle has also favoured me with personal reminiscences. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review.

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