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Comparison of Evangelical and Pentecostal Theological Method

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Wacker, G. Ward, H.

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Wheelock, D. Received: 14 July Accepted: 14 Jan. The movement consists of three waves, viz. Not all agree with this view: A rational thrust can be discerned in Protestant orthodoxy from the very beginning, but very few of its luminaries ever became fullblown rationalists. Even those defenders of Reformation faith in the late 17th and 18th centuries were still prone to make a place for mystery in faith, though they were not immune to the spell of the Enlightenment Bloesch This is not unique to the Pentecostals.

Bloesch contends that there is today a movement away from propositional theology to narrational theology, from logos to mythos: A christocentric theology is being overshadowed by a pneumatocentric theology in which the living voice of the Spirit is viewed as a higher authority than the written Word of God. The appeal is no longer to what Scripture says but to the sanctified imagination of the reader. The new light that breaks forth from God's holy Word supersedes the old light contained in sacred Scripture of the past p. Lategan refers to the relationship between text and receiver or reader as one of three main areas hermeneutical theory must address in order to be successful.

The other two are the relationship between the sender or author and the message or text, and the internal relationships between the different components of the text itself. Primitivistic is used in the sense of a belief that modern civilisation would benefit by a return to or consideration of primitive culture, customs, or ideas that are superior to those of modern days Sykes In assuming an apocalyptic worldview Pentecostals claim that they follow in the footsteps of the Master.

At the turn of the 20th century, J. Weiss and A. Schweitzer overturned the consensus amongst researchers that the historical Jesus was not thoroughly apocalyptic in his worldview and prospects Keener provides a short overview; Neville ; Tabor They opined that he was even more apocalyptic than the Gospels that were written about his life and teaching, although it contains both temporal and vertical-spatial viewpoints, implying that it displays both cosmic conflict and an apocalyptic eschatology.

Shively is quoting Greg Carey's definition of apocalyptic discourse Thus, apocalyptic discourse should be treated as a flexible set of resources that early Jews and Christians could employ for a variety of persuasive tasks p.

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Jesus believed in and waited for a divine intervention that will inaugurate a new order and a new age, and he expected it to happen during his ministry Aune et al. Land reminds that black spirituality provided the context for the origins of Pentecostalism and lists its characteristics as orality of liturgy; narrativity of theology and witness; maximum participation at the levels of reflection, prayer and decision making and therefore a form of community that is reconciliatory; inclusion of dreams and visions into spirituality; and an understanding of mind and body relationship informed by experiences of correspondence between mind and body, with the resultant ministry of healing by prayer Lovett At first Pentecostals were sure that speaking in tongues would allow them to take the gospel to different nations speaking these different tongues, as happened in the early Church's experience of Pentecost Believers need not learn the languages of the nations, the Spirit has already given them the ability to speak these languages.

The idea was soon proved wrong Land Some Pentecostal researchers disgree and reason that the experience of the baptism of the Spirit and what followed it as the work or revelation of the Spirit was the starting and central points of pentecostal spirituality, and that this forms the source or basis of the understanding of pentecostal spirituality.

This article disagrees with this viewpoint for historical and phenomenological reasons. Underlying the Pentecostal Movement are several revivalistic movements with strong theological traditions that were taken over and modified by the Pentecostals.

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And in studying pentecostal theology and practice it becomes clear that pentecostal spirituality cannot be reduced to one element, the baptism with the Spirit. Other elements played a role even before the Azusa street revival, like holiness and a lively expectation of the second coming interpreted in apocalyptic terms, and still influence the church alongside the emphasis on the priesthood of all believers and the importance of witnessing as a prerequisite for being a disciple of Christ. In all ways, the Evangelical theological method is superior to the Pentecostal theological method as it is being developed by current theologians.

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