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Okay, so what happens if you bring video evidence, expert witnesses and logically back them into a corner from which the greatest trial lawyer could not escape?

5 tips all new debaters should learn to outargue the opposition

You can get people to do things your way or accept new ideas. Most relationship arguments fall into this category.

Married couples never resolve most of the things they fight about. Leaving those arguments unfought does not end the relationship.

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Vicious must-win tactics do. So stop arguing. Good luck in your personal war against biology and human nature. And is that your goal?


With a clear head, re-evaluate what you really want here. The only category that makes any sense is 1. Persuasion is. How do you do that?

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Winning an argument is a short term ego victory. How to argue — and win.

View Full Post. More in Relationships. Here are some better alternatives to help support someone who is grieving. Robert Enright, PhD, is a pioneer in the scientific study of forgiveness.

Here, he breaks down his four-phase model that has helped countless patients overcome anxiety, depression and resentment, [ This quiz from psychologist Arthur Aron has helped boost intimacy between thousands of strangers, resulting in friendship, romance, and even marriage. This can lead to anger, resentfulness, jealousy, defensiveness or distress.

9 Ways to Win An Argument Every Time, According To Science

Based in Sydney, Australia she enjoys wordplay, witticisms and spending time in obliging trees in Botswana. You can connect with her on LinkedIn. Some think love can be measured by the number of times their heart races.

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Others think love can be declared with diamonds, flowers or grand romantic gestures.