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Lift-the-flaps covering the egg, apple, wing, fin, or nesting doll and see what you can find.


I love the colors, the illustrations, and the onomatopoeia on each page — buzz, buzz, chomp, chomp. The flaps appear sturdy enough to withstand lots of kid-tugging. Sturdy flaps and reinforced pages. Feel the bumpy skin of a crocodile, the fuzzy side of a zebra, or the rough skin of an elephant. Each two-page spread gives readers a sentence or two about the animals or ecosystem.

All the animals are labeled in large fonts. Beautiful earth tone illustrations match the setting harmoniously. Watch Me Grow! Babies LOVE books like this one with photos of real babies. But kids will just love seeing the babies grow into toddlers. Babies and toddlers will enjoy finding the bugs under leaves, flowers, and rocks in this brightly colored board book.

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You in the mirror! Or the triangle of the green moth. The diamond made by a devil ray. Flip through these beautiful nature photographs to find the shapes. Into the Forest by Laura Baker, illustrated by Nadia Taylor Layered die-cut pages make the cover a remarkable 3-D image that begs to be touched and the pages turned. Feel the bumpy textures on each page of rich illustrations in orange, blue, brown, and green colors.

Follow the squirrel as she searches for her mama. Lift the flaps to search the park for Bob — is he behind the gate or beneath the bench? I like the clean illustrations and the sturdy flaps but I especially like the animals all named peopley names— Lois, Peggy, Derek, Susan, etc.

That cracks me up for some reason! Also read Lois Looks for Bob at Home. In this sweet board book about getting sleepy and going to sleep, each page shows a baby from a different country. I love the simple text and the bright illustrations in this charming board book. This book is an engaging, must-own for 2- and 3- year olds and one of the best on the list. Mouse loves the weather of all the seasons except the splashy rain. See mouse run into the hole. Turn the wheel and see the rain stop so the rainbow can come out. I love the little girl reveal in each picture.

The backing up sound is quite realistic! Each page shows an animal covering his or her face. Lift the paws or hooves to see what animal it is.

Beautiful illustrations. Bright colors and appealing illustrations make this a favorite! This is an amazing concept book that left me delighted in the beauty of a simple line. Guess What? Lift the flaps and the illustrations become something else! Daisies become a sheep. A marigold becomes a rooster. A dandelion becomes an actual lion. See if you can guess what each flap will uncover. Sweet Treats. This author writes the BEST board books for babies and toddlers! Turn the page to find out. The square could be a pot or a book. The rectangle could be a door or a block or a candle.

Each thick page is a letter shape. Kids will enjoy looking at the next letters, and the vintage-style graphics in bold colors. Love it! Cars Go by Steve Light Cars make lots of sounds — the hot rod goes brrrr, the pickup truck goes bripit bripity, the taxi goes skreeek! Extra-long pages give kids lots to see and hear! Toddlers will think this is a charming book. Crush It! Girly, princess oriented. Flip the top or bottom and pair a daddy and his legs — and laugh at the funny daddies!

Like the bear daddy with frog legs — how silly! Turn the top part of the tree to see what it looks like in each season. Life the flaps to see who is hiding under the branches. The larger book shows the mommy animal while the smaller book shows the baby animal. A mommy whale and her baby calf, a mama turtle and her baby hatchling turtle, and so forth. Did you know Europeans learn cursive before print? See Jojo and sister, Lulu, go through their day with objects labeled— getting dressed, having feelings, being in their house, going out and about, and with their animal friends.

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Large tabs separate the different sections in this sturdy board book. Help her find her teddy but pulling the sturdy tabs on each page. Is Teddy in the laundry room? Finally Bunny Boo finds her teddy under her bed. Just in time for sleeping. You know how these things go! When the cows begin to learn how to spell and write, they insist on being treated differently and end up going on strike when Farmer Brown refuses their demands. Funny, delightful and entertaining, this is a great book for the entire family to share. What better way to teach babies and toddlers where each body part is than with a game and a book?

Karen Katz has created one of the most interactive and teachable peek-a-boo type of stories that will help you as you and baby have fun learning.

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Interacting with the baby and the story will be one of the easiest ways to teach simple concepts. Play time, nap time, any time, this story will keep you and baby having fun for a long time. Watty Piper and Loren Long brought us this inspiring story of a little train engine many years ago and it is still inspiring and encouraging millions of people, children and adults alike.

The message this leaves the reader with is one of how important it is to be determined, persevere, and never stop trying. The beloved story of this little rabbit boy who learns a lesson the hard way will bring you and your children a lot of entertainment, laughs, and a lesson that may last a lifetime. Being entertained is good, but having the addition of important life lessons is even better.

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This is one story that is sure to become a family favorite and be enjoyed together for many years to come. This story brings to life part of the adult world to children who want to know what people do all day. There are examples of jobs and a connection made from one person to another.

It gives the reader the sense that we are all connected, and the each profession is not only important to itself, but is dependent on and supportive of the other jobs out there. Reading it together may offer windows of opportunities to discuss with even the youngest children the importance of work, money, and being helpful to others. Richard Scarry has a way with connecting pictures and stories to keep the interest and draw the reader back again.

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Sharing a cookie may be fun, but when you share it with a mouse, be prepared to be put to work. In this charming tale of a boy and his mouse, Laura Joffe Numeroff and Felicia Bond have created a story that will give good attention to cause and effect, consequences to actions, and offer enough fun and entertainment to keep you coming back again and again. The illustrations will give you an even bigger picture about the hilarity behind the story, and make reading this tale even more fun.

This one is sure to become a family favorite, and one that you will keep coming back to. Audrey Penn is the author of this truly one of a kind story. When little Chester, a young raccoon, is scared to leave his mother and go to school, she gives him something that makes everything alright. She kisses his palm and tells him that the kiss will help make school as warm and nice of a place to be as home is. This is one sentimental and heartwarming story that will help even the youngest child deal with changes they have to go through. One of the most beloved books for boys and girls is the story of Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne- his steam shovel.