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Video galleries optimised for mobile, featuring the best of AFP content. The Video Graphics gallery explains, pinpoints and illustrates complex news stories, compatible with all formats. NewsML format enables you to select standard integration for all elements or customise your content integration. The NBA has insisted it backs free speech, after US politicians accused it of caving to China in a row over a pro-democracy tweet that has cost the Houston Rockets lucrative Chinese sponsors and airtime.

Andy Murray will make his Grand Slam return at the Australian Open in January, a year after career-saving hip surgery, the organisers announced Tuesday. The NBA backs "freedom of expression," its commissioner has insisted, after the organisation was criticised for its response to a pro-democracy tweet by a Houston Rockets executive that angered China.

RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner became the latest player to be ruled out of Germany's friendly with Argentina, prompting coach Joachim Loew to call for reinforcements on Monday.

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One of the most prolific actresses of all time, Kim Ji-mee has been dubbed South Korea's Elizabeth Taylor for her looks, popularity, and a string of high-profile marriages which challenged social taboos. It is a song close to French hearts, the building power of its defiant march swelling chests and bringing a tear to the eye. The Swedish Academy will crown two Nobel literature laureates this year, making up for lost time after it skipped last year's prize over a sexual harassment scandal.

Warner Bros. Trucker Erik Fransuer spends months at a time driving back and forth on highways that cut through the Amazon in northern Brazil, delivering soy or corn to river ports. Cattle breeders, indigenous teachers and loggers are among the more than 20 million people living in the Amazon in northern Brazil, carving out a living from the world's largest rainforest.

Maria Helena Locatelli was promised land and a better future in the Amazon rainforest, but all she got was misery when she arrived in northern Brazil in to start a new life. I started out extremely angry then my doctor changed my birth control and I immediately became depressed and started binge eating. My husband actually told me he preferred me depressed over angry. Thanks, Babe. That went on for about 3 months, during the holidays no less.

I packed on 25 pounds in that short amount of time.

In the New Year, I gave up birth control completely. I experienced horrible cycles, but the anger and depression were gone, and the fat remained. I was dedicated to getting back into fitness and feeling like myself again. Then I was suckered punched again when I suffered an extremely painful injury that resulted in a surgery two years later. At the time of the injury I was mentally prepared to be myself again but physically incapable. It was huge struggle but I did get 15 of those pounds off.

I felt better, but not great. I wanted to feel great again.

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By this point it was all on me. Yes, I was injured, but through calorie control I could lose weight. Via a classic New Years resolution in , I did just that. I started to feel really good when I shaved off 5 pounds. Calorie control could have gotten me there despite my injury.

It was mostly okay though because I was still a lot leaner and felt good. Then it seemed things would be on an upward swing. I got nearly zero exercise during this time so a lot of extra muscle was disappearing too, but I felt good. Unfortunately there was a painful stop between being immobile and being able to exercise.

Mobility brought me face to face with the refrigerator and nothing but time on my hands. I started training for a new job that included extensive classroom time with a daily bowl of Halloween candy. I ate and ate knowing exactly what I was doing to myself, but I did it anyways. By the end of November, I was cleared to resume my daily life without restriction. My body had to ease into life it turned out.

Pre-injury and hormonal roller-coaster me was at the gym every single day first thing. Would I skip spin? All fitness activities were social activities. It was how I met my friends and I loved it. That life was established through routine.

Michael Jordan: Maybe it's my fault #23 - Corecodile

It was established through having my husband finishing grad school miles away, and my being unemployed. I loved knowing what my body could accomplish. I miss that life, but apparently not enough. Not enough to eat less. Not enough to wake up in the morning and hit the gym.