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Ultimate Beginners Guide to Coin Collecting

While the niche should be highly targeted, it should also have a following. Should you build it, or buy it?

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To find a cost-effective developer, look toward a platform such as Freelanship. There you will find a database of US-based freelancers looking for work. Buyers are typically more comfortable with WordPress sites and can better justify buying something they know how to use.

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  • Once you have a fully functioning website, you need content. If you deem it worth your time, you can create some, or all, of the content yourself there may be a downside to this which we'll cover later. If not, you can try out Elance or oDesk to find writers for hire. Alternatively, you could and should invest in higher quality writers , especially if you think that five buck writers are devaluing the writing profession as a whole. When you have a solid chunk of content, refrain from posting it all at once.

    Instead, post a of couple pieces per day. This improves SEO rankings and builds traffic.

    How to Make $2500/mo Flipping Websites

    Remember, you want fat stats when it comes time to sell. While buying an existing website may cost more, it does offer significant advantages. For one, it already has an established audience.

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    • Neil Patel lays out three qualities you should look for in a website owner who might undersell. If you find a website in your niche that exhibits one or more of these qualities, consider making an offer.

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      But if scavenging the internet for a website that meets your qualifications proves too time consuming, you can always use a website broker. Most brokers are commission-based and have access to a wide database of websites on the market. Or return to Freelanship and hire an affordable marketing contractor. Here are some tips for a successful auction. Wimpy descriptions reflect poorly on you and your website.

      A buyer might assume that a sparse description means a sparse website. Instead, create a comprehensive, well-written and professional-looking description to generate interest and inspire confidence. If you have the ambition, consider turning your stats into slick graphics like this seller did.

      Secure your audience before you launch

      Imagine placing thousand dollar bids to a nameless, faceless, social medialess seller. Buyers will feel more comfortable dealing with a real person, especially when the dollars start stacking. Maintaining transparency is important.

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      The Real Secret to Launching a Store to Thousands of Excited Customers

      Since their lack of funds is usually requiring them to sell one to buy another, their willingness to sell cheaper increases significantly and opens an opportunity for you, the buyer, to flip their loss. These are simply 3 of the s of strategies I teach in order to create some incredible side income working 1 to 2 hours a day from your home or cellphone.

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