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Dear God. Why is this happening? I just want to go home. Note: According to Emily Wyant, a close friend of Cassie's, she was heard praying in these last words before Eric Harris yelled "Peek-a-boo! This account disproves the myth that Bernall said "yes" to Dylan Klebold before he shot her dead it was actually Valeen Schnurr who got terribly shot before being asked by Klebold if she believed in God and surviving the whole ordeal.

Translation: How slow my death agony is. Who: Sarah Bernhardt , a French stage and early film actress. Ae rab, meri madad karen Translation: O Lord, help me… for I am innocent. Note: Said shortly before his hanging. Translation: Give me coffee, I'm going to write. Who: Olavo Bilac , Brazilian poet.

I will love you forever.


Translation: Who is it? Who is it? Note: When Billy saw sheriff Pat Garrett , he failed to recognize him due to the poor lighting. Garrett then shot him to death. Don't turn on the light. Who: Osama bin Laden , founder of Al-Qaeda. I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart.

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I want to thank all of my family and friends for my prayers and who supported and believed in me. My Father, I'm being paroled to heaven. I will now spend all my holidays with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Peace be with you all. Who: Kenneth Biros , first person executed by a one-drug lethal injection in Ohio on December 8, Translation: Home. Note: Scrawled on a piece of paper; there is debate as to whether Bismarck meant to convey that he was returning to the afterlife or was simply delirious or intoxicated.

Translation: Help! Note: Blanchard, a balloonist, said these words when her balloon crashed, killing her.

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D-Von, get the table! Goodbye, kid. Hurry back. Note: The line was spoken to his wife, Lauren Bacall, as she left his bedside to pick up her children. She returned to find Bogart in a coma, from which he never regained consciousness. Damn it! How will I ever get out of this labyrinth? Who: Simon Bolivar , a Venezuelan military and political leader. Who: Napoleon Bonaparte , French military leader and emperor who conquered much of Europe in the early 19th century.

He died in exile in Saint Helena on 5 May Wa mael'iislam Note: In , he was conducting a televised speech in Arabic to an audience at a newly-opened cultural centre in Annaba, when his assassin struck. Vielen Dank. Translation: Ah, that tastes nice. Thank you. Who: Johannes Brahms , a German composer and pianist. Note: Spoken after he had a small glass of wine.

Translation: Push on!

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  8. Translation: How do you expect me to make a living? Who: Mohamed Bouazizi , Tunisian street vendor. Note: Bouazizi set himself on fire on 17 December , in response to the confiscation of his wares and the harassment and humiliation that he said was inflicted on him by a municipal official and her aides. At AM local time, he shouted these words while standing in the middle of traffic, then doused himself with gasoline and set himself alight with a match. This act of self-immolation became a catalyst for the Tunisian Revolution , and eventually the wider Arab Spring.

    The Bowel Movement Song - Dr. Austin Davis

    Je vais ou je vas mourir, l'un et l'autre se dit ou se disent. Who: Dominique Bouhours , French grammarian. Music has been my doorway of perception and the house that I live in.

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    Who: David Bowie , English rock musician. I didn't murder the Hodges family. I've never murdered anybody. I'm going to my death with a clear conscience. I am going to my death having had a great life because of my two great sons, Mike and Doug. Contrary to his claim, overwhelming evidence proved that he did indeed kill William Hodges, his wife Teresa and their two children Winter and Anah, ages 11 and 4.

    I have no final statement. Not bloody likely!

    Post Malone Is Totally Kind of Hot

    Who: Unknown British Sergeant Note: Reportedly said during the last stand of the 44th Regiment of Foot, in response to an offer of surrender, shortly before their massacre by Afghan fighters at the Battle of Gandamak. Sarah I miss and need you. Who: Bobbi Kristina Brown , an American reality television and media personality, singer, and actress.

    Note: Last known tweet to her friend Bess Beckmann before she went into a coma and died months later. C'mon, let's get this day over and done with. Who: Peter Brock , Australian motor racing driver. Note: Said to a track marshal before being killed instantly when he crashed into a tree at the Targa West rally. Brock's ex-wife believes that this comment showed that he should not have been racing.

    I'm going away tonight.

    David Brion Davis, Pulitzer Prize-winning scholar who documented slavery, dead at 92

    Who: James Brown , American singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist. Source: Charles Bobbit, Brown's longtime personal manager and friend. Note: James Brown uttered his last words minutes before his death, and then he took three, long quiet breaths and closed his eyes. His very last words were: "I want you to look after my wife… and little man.

    I'm on fire. I'm burning up. Burning up. I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood. I had, as I now think vainly, flattered myself that without very much bloodshed it might be done. Who: John Brown , an American abolitionist.

    Note: These words were not spoken, but written on a note and handed to a guard right before his execution. His spoken last words are usually considered to be: This is a beautiful country. Whatever the result may be, I shall carry to my grave the consciousness that at least I meant well for my country. I'd like you to give my love to my family and friends. Who: Ted Bundy , an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, and necrophile who assaulted and murdered numerous young women and girls.

    Note: Those were Bundy's last words before being executed in the electric chair. I'm the problem. Who: David A. Burke Note: Burke replied to the captain of Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight , who inquired what "the problem" was after Burke fired a gun in the cabin of the plane. Burke shot the pilots and himself, deliberately crashing the flight. On that subject I am coy. Note: Burr was an atheist. His last words were a response to the efforts of his friend, Reverend P.

    Van Pelt, to get Burr to state that there was a God. Back in no time. Who: William S. Burroughs , American novelist, short story writer, essayist, painter, and spoken word performer. Note: Spoken to a friend as he was being loaded into an ambulance after suffering a heart attack; he was comatose upon arrival at the hospital and never regained consciousness.