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Head down the elevator to Square Meal , a farm-inspired restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We enjoyed some coffee, a cold-pressed juice, and delicious breakfast to soak up the cocktails from the night before. And while you are down there, try to find the hidden in plain sight B-Side karaoke rooms.

You can choose between three private rooms, each with its own funky decor and easy access to food and drinks from Square Meal. I know what I am reserving for my birthday!

What I really like about Revival overall is the eclectic decor — a mix of antiques, patterns, colors, and art. Like really… when can I move in? At the Square Meal entrance, there is a fun letterboard sign that rotates through fun quotes and the weather. We chose not to bring our four-legged friend this time, but maybe for a future stay! Overall it was a great weekend stay. Thanks for the stay, Hotel Revival.

The bride, groom, and I all graduated high school across that stage. We escaped the impending snow warning yes, in April! Thank you to Amy and Will for inviting me to be a part of their day. And now for a sneak peek of their photos:. When I tell people I am a photographer, the 1 question I get back is if I do weddings.

But recently, I have been noticing an increasing demand from couples who want personalized ceremonies without a large audience. I get it, wedding planning can be daunting, emotional, and expensive. To me, the idea of keeping it small is incredibly romantic.

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A big thank you to the vendors who participated in the giveaway! I look forward to working with each of them again and would highly recommend them for your Baltimore elopement:. It was amazing to meet and celebrate with those closest to you. You can email me at becky ourendlessadventure. The desire to just pack up and drive all over has been instilled in me since childhood road trips, staring wide-eyed out the window, as if it was one long movie passing me by.

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I longed for more trips and to experience more places. My husband boyfriend at the time , Christopher, and I had our first extended taste of it after college. This was a big trip for our relationship, realizing if we can live out of a car for a month together with barely any bickering, we could probably take on some more challenges together in life.

That month scratched my nomad itch for awhile, as we unpacked our lives from storage and settled into our first rowhome in Baltimore. We intended on moving, we really did.

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We were going to move somewhere fun and new, preferably warmer, somewhere on the west coast. San Diego sounded nice, but Baltimore had other plans for us. With her unexpected charm, we found ourselves making a home and building our own community of friends, not bringing the subject of moving back up for years. It took a lot to not turn this blog post into a love letter to Baltimore, but we must stay on track….

Why not just stay and use all our extra money to visit other spots? Travel became a priority, but usually in the form of long weekends, a week at most, 2 weeks for our honeymoon to really treat ourselves. The desire to wander, to drive across the country, laid dormant for awhile. Super easy, right? While the idea of just going and being nomads was tempting, for us, keeping our home here in Baltimore made the most sense.

I bring this up because this was a critical part in deciding HOW I was going to drive cross country, as each vehicle option had a lot of factors, like what amenities were needed and how much it would cost. There were spreadsheets, pros and cons lists, more budgets, and hours on the internet. Ideally, I wanted a old VW bus that looked adorable, but Christopher brought me back down to earth. Then there were RVs to consider. It was really nice, but after weighing what we needed, wanted, and potentially bringing our dog, we kept looking.

We also figured if we were going to spend that money, it might as well be on something we can keep. We eventually landed on the idea of a vintage camper, also known as a travel trailer turns out you need to know various terminology once you get into booking campsites.

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We could attach it to a reliable SUV or truck so that I would have to worry about getting stranded, with the added bonus of being able to detach when wanting to easily explore cities or national parks. So then we had to find one, we searched the internet far and wide. It was a great experience until it was not. It took longer than expected to get the trailer, only 2 weeks before the planned departure date, which made this Type A, structure-loving planner nervous. It was too late to push the whole trip as I had reservations at national parks during peak season that took months to get and friends flying to meet me all over the country.

The show had to go on. She even had a name! We added some painted touches, a new axle, a custom door that my father-in-law created that actually closed and locked unlike the OG door, because you know… safety , new tires, pillows, a couple more coats of sealer on the roof, new bed framing, some more shelving, drawers, and wow, now that I read this, we did a lot.

Ya gotta know your strengths, I guess. The original stove and oven also do not work, but that was to be expected.

Especially if you have an old camper, I found it was highly recommended to redo all the gas lines because the last thing you want is a gas leak near a campfire and that kind of work was not in the budget. A Coleman camper stove would do! The vintage fridge became a great spot to store pots and pans. Photo Captured by Christina Julia Photography. We learned A LOT.

Endless Adventures

If I had to go back and do it again, I would probably go the vintage camper route again, but buy our own and leave time to gut it completely, which would lead to a lot more learnings. OR I would go the vanlife route, there is something to be said about just rolling up anywhere and being able to go to sleep, plus the vanlife community is amazing.

This is just a larger investment and would probably require another car payment. I have a 4Runner I drive normally or I can attach Cleo to it, no additional engines to worry about.

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My parents are amazing and let us store the camper at their house. Since it was more affordable than a new RV or camper van, we paid for it in full. It is now ours, no monthly payments other than insurance. As we grow as a family, we hope to be able to use it for more easy camping with some kiddos and our old lady dog who prefers shorter car rides, hence not joining for long trip, but she does LOVE camping.

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Cleo still has some work that needs to be done, after all, I did drive her 15, miles across some bumpy ass roads, shaking every screw and component over miles and miles of this country. For those saying, what? You have a farm? The answer is no, but yes, we have a name for our hypothetical farm, open to nomads and campers alike, a farm that may or may not house other adorable vintage campers. An idea that was shaped and inspired with every day of ourendlessroadtrip. It is probably way too early to share this idea, but I am becoming a firm believer in putting your ideas and dreams out into the world.

In the meantime, more to daydreaming and spreadsheets to make that happen in the next however many years!

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The Main Bed: Folds up into a couch when traveling or need more space to hang. For me: so much better than sleeping on the ground or even an air mattress in a tent. The Dining Area: Table drops down and bench cushions can be converted into a bed that is around a full size. The Kitchen: Original stove and fridge, used for storing kitchen items. Lots of bright white, pops of red, and a sense of adventure! As I was preparing to head out on ourendlessroadtrip , one of the items top of mind for me was obviously road trip snacks! Here are my favorite, useful and wholesome road tripping snacks!

Some require slight refrigeration to last a long time, but most will be okay in room temperature for a couple days. Also, these bars are delicious, nutritious, GF, dairy free AND travel well in slight refrigeration for up to 7 days! No snacking guilt here. Also, popcorn is such a lightweight snack, full of tasty flavors that will satisfy your bored eating.