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Lots of dancing and reasonable bar prices.

Maybe I’m a Chubby Chaser

We met ladies and even was able to drink till we couldn't drink no more. Great scene I be I've but hey I had a few beverages and was chasing two ladies from New Jersey around My sister recommended I eat at AJ's, so I went with her and other family members one afternoon for lunch. There were nine of us and I noticed a sign that said that parties of 10 or more would not be guaranteed a table together. I have never been to a restaurant with a sign like that. Every place I have ever been before whether casual or upscale has always tried to accomodate big parties.

Chubby Chasers

The hostess greeted us and we asked for a table for 9 and requested seating outdoors. She was not exceptionally helpful and told us there was not enough room, so we chose to sit inside.

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We were seated at a table in the bar on a step up and had to pull our table back so several people in our party could fit. That was fine, and we even had a small view of the harbor from where we were sitting. Our waitress was OK at first, but once we ordered an appetizer and drinks, she seemed to disappear. We wanted to order another appetizer and drink refills, but she did not return to our table on time so we gave up. We had ordered side salads and expected those before our meal, but they arrived with the food.

I have hardly ever received side salads WITH my meal. I had considered telling our waitress to bring the salads before our food, but everywhere else I specified this the waiters acted like it was unnecessary to mention.

Chubby Chaser Nation, a song by The Chubby Chasers on Spotify

So by the time the salads arrived we were already perturbed by the bad service and several members of my party refused their salads. The food was pretty good, but in my opinon, overpriced. I can't say I would never go back, but with all the restaurants available in Destin, I won't be back for a while. I honestly think the bad service and portion vs. Every year we hang out to watch the boats come in for the Fishing Rodeo.

Will do it again this year. Great views! Over priced for the quality of food you get.

Not the case. You might as well goto a fast food restaurant.

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  6. The seafood was just ok. The Atmosphere was good, but was getting aged. Food was good and had great drinks, but do really need to tell people 2 hours and then when they come up to the counter at , tell them that you still have 3 mins to wait!!


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