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Siegel Mar 23, Shaun King Mar 20, Daniel Denvir Mar 13, But the witness may have flipped again, leaving the future of the conviction up in the air. Jake Offenhartz Mar 06, Max Rivlin-Nadler Feb 27, Her former partner assaulted her in her home.

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When the police arrived, she was arrested and he walked free. Emma Whitford Feb 26, Nick Encalada-Malinowski Feb 22, Maura Ewing, Matt Stroud Feb 21, Lauren Gill Feb 20, Bryce Covert Feb 16, Max Rivlin-Nadler.

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Christopher Moraff Feb 15, Josmar Trujillo Feb 14, Victoria Law Feb 13, Max Rivlin-Nadler Feb 12, Thomas Dybdahl. Siegel Feb 05, Victoria Law Feb 01, Maura Ewing Jan 31, Siegel Jan 29, Jessica Brand Jan 25, Christopher Moraff. Siegel Jan 22, Max Rivlin-Nadler Jan 19, Kade Crockford Jan 18, Daniel Denvir Jan 16, Josmar Trujillo Jan 15, Theodore Hamm Jan 11, A little-known New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision policy has limited access to books in at least nine prisons for years.

Rebecca McCray. Brandon Soderberg Jan 10, Max Rivlin-Nadler Jan 09, Bidish Sarma Jan 03, The reality is much different. Maura Ewing Dec 21, Siegel Dec 20, Max Rivlin-Nadler Dec 14, Public defenders in Charlotte say restrictions on communication hinder their ability to help jailed clients. Jessica Brand. Brandon Soderberg Dec 11, Mariame Kaba, Brit Schulte Dec 06, Max Rivlin-Nadler Dec 01, Josmar Trujillo Nov 30, Rebecca McCray Nov 29, Siegel Nov 21, Josie Duffy Rice Nov 14, Kade Crockford Nov 13, Reggie Shuford.

Phil Murphy has promised marijuana legalization, end of cash bail and will look at ending minimum mandatory sentences. Larry Hannan Nov 09, Larry Hannan. Dispatches is our series from organizers, attorneys, officials, and others working at the frontlines of local criminal justice reform. Josmar Trujillo Nov 08, Rebecca McCray Nov 06, Glenn E. Martin Nov 02, Josmar Trujillo Oct 31, Bryce Covert Oct 30, Larry Hannan Oct 26, A law that results in disproportionate arrests and prosecutions of black and Latino New Yorkers will stand.

Criminal charges are absent from 85 percent of all forfeiture cases in the city. Carimah Townes Oct 20, Oct 19, Rory Fleming Oct 17, Daniel Denvir. Max Rivlin-Nadler Oct 13, Theodore Hamm. Melissa Gira Grant Oct 12, Jennifer Laurin Oct 10, Andrew Guthrie Ferguson. Carimah Townes Sep 20, Alex S.

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Vitale Sep 19, Rebecca McCray Sep 18, Larry Hannan Sep 08, Jonathan Blanks Sep 07, Scott Hechinger. Rebecca McCray Aug 31, Activists in New York City are engaging in profound acts of resistance against over-policing in the subways. Politicians are listening, but are they really hearing them? Jocelyn Simonson Aug 30, Waseem Salahi Aug 29, Jessica Pishko Aug 28, Carimah Townes. Jessica Pishko Aug 22, Carimah Townes Aug 14, Carimah Townes Aug 10, Jonathan Blanks. Larry Hannan Aug 07, Vida B. Larry Hannan Aug 04, David Menschel Aug 02, Vitale Jul 27, Bidish Sarma Jul 25, Larry Hannan Jul 24, Nick Encalada-Malinowski.

Jessica Brand Jul 21, Benjamin Levin Jul 19, Rebecca McCray Jul 18, Larry Hannan Jul 17, Larry Hannan Jul 14, Jake Sussman Jul 10, Jake Sussman Jul 06, Larry Hannan Jun 28, Larry Hannan Jun 23, Larry Hannan Jun 22, Larry Hannan Jun 20, Main Menu Get Informed : Subscribe to our newsletters for regular updates, analysis and context straight to your email.

Enter Your Email. When Prosecutors Bury Police Lies Court records and interviews with former prosecutors show that internal assessments of police dishonesty are rarely memorialized, potentially violating the rights of people charged in criminal cases and sometimes keeping the records of bad cops clean. A Pennsylvania Police Department Is Accused Of Klan Involvement and Discrimination In a civil rights lawsuit, an officer in Allentown claims he was subjected to racial discrimination before he was fired. His Record Suggests Otherwise.

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Protecting Campus Police The New Jersey General Assembly unanimously passed a bill to extend qualified immunity to police officers at private colleges and universities. In Queens D. Media Frame: Stop Quoting Bill Bratton For far too long, the press has leaned on wrong-headed tough-on-crime officials like the former NYPD commissioner when reporting on the criminal legal system.

Will He Be Fired? Philadelphia D. Pennsylvania Police Department Accused of Sexism Brandi Courtesis lost her job with the Gettysburg force after saying a colleague sexually harassed her. Progressive Philly D.

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In Pennsylvania, Detention as a First Option Heavy reliance on pretrial incarceration in Berks County subjects people to poor medical care and unsanitary and unsafe conditions. Spotlight: Linda Fairstein is Canceled. How a D. Pleading Guilty to Get Out of Jail The criminalization of poverty in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, has led to a staggering increase in incarcerated people, all at a huge cost for defendants and taxpayers alike. Indefinite Solitary Confinement in New York Is Finally Put to the Test Court challenges and a sweeping reform bill are offering hope to men trapped in isolation for decades.

A New Moral Panic Targets Moms In Pennsylvania, mothers are harshly penalized for leaving children unattended in vehicles, even for several minutes. This Grandfather Was Granted Parole in Why Is He Still in Prison? Queens D. The D. Said It Was Justified. Women Say Pennsylvania Cop Committed Sexual Assaults, Recorded Them on Body Camera Their claims are part of a federal lawsuit; other women say they, too, were assaulted and the officer now faces a raft of criminal charges. Bronx D.

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New York City Looks To Eliminate Hidden Bail Fees As they await statewide action to eliminate cash bail, city councilmembers are looking for ways to reduce the financial burden on families of incarcerated people. New York Lawmaker Announces Sweeping Challenge to Gravity Knife Law Opponents of the law say it unfairly targets people who need knives for work, and are battling it on multiple fronts.

Suffolk County D. I had no idea that I was reporting the incident to exactly the wrong person. I asked later what had happened to resolve the issue and was told it had been taken care of. In late , while teaching at Horace Mann, Chester Slaybaugh, who is now retired, said he saw Wright walking with a male student toward the weight room, in an isolated area of the school. Slaybaugh said he was stunned and closed the door. Slaybaugh reported the incident to Philip Lewerth, head of the upper school.

He said the administration panicked and a decision was made that Wright should not return after the Christmas holiday. According to Slaybaugh, aside from Lewerth and Clark, nobody else knew of the incident. Slaybaugh said nobody spoke to the student and he was not offered any help or counseling.

When students and faculty returned to campus in January , after the winter break, Wright was no longer on staff at Horace Mann, and no explanation was offered to students or faculty. Stanley Kops Stanley Kops, an alumnus of the school who later became a history teacher, was known for spontaneously giving his male students shoulder massages. I have always remembered the event and him as weird and creepy. Another former student said Kops sometimes canceled class so the students could engage in roughhousing.

I can remember him being kind of red and breathless after particularly vigorous frolicking. When he was 14 years old, Jon Seiger was taken to an apartment off-campus by Kops and another man, and forced to undress and masturbate for them.

Kops called me to his classroom a few weeks later, showed me the pictures, and threatened that if I ever mentioned anything to anyone about what happened. I snatched one of the pictures and have it to this day. Within days, Kops had resigned with no explanation provided to Horace Mann students or parents. Dan Alexander, a teacher at Horace Mann at the time, said that Kops was able to obtain favorable references from Clinton, and headmaster Gordon Newcombe, for his new position.

Shortly after the school year ended at Rutgers Prep, Kops committed suicide; he shot himself while sitting in his car. She explained what happened next:.

NYPD Revamps SVU After Drastic Surge In Reported Rape Cases

Afterward, I was sobbing, and I wanted desperately to go home. He said if I insisted on leaving, I would have to take the subway. Maybe he just knew that I would. I was an obedient kid, respectful of authority. She went to an adviser at the school one day, crying. He referred me to the dean of guidance, [William Clinton]. Incredibly, he gave me a dusty copy of the book Lolita. Inslee Clark and multiple teachers Seiger described his abuse, at age 14, at the hands of several teachers—including R.

Inslee Clark, Horace Mann headmaster from to After a concert in the [Horace Mann] auditorium, Johannes Somary went out of his way to introduce Mr. Clark to me. At that point Johannes had only started laying the seeds of abusing me. Clark that day, none of the very talented 17 and year-old seniors who had performed excellently during the concert. Only year-old me. If only I had known.

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Soon after, Clark summoned Seiger to his office and invited him to his home. Seiger arrived to discover Kops, already there. Kops watched.