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The defendants have marketed Airborne Original Effervescent Formula as a dietary supplement containing 17 ingredients, including vitamins A, C, E, zinc, and selenium.

Airborne products have been advertised nationally in print media and on radio and television. They have been sold by grocery stores, drug stores, and mass merchandisers.

Supplement company Airborne to settle $M suit - Mar. 4,

The FTC complaint also states that the individual defendants in the case, company founders Victoria Knight-McDowell and Thomas John McDowell, made false claims that Airborne products are clinically proven to treat colds. The Commission vote authorizing the staff to file the complaint and agreed-upon final order was , with Commissioner J. Thomas Rosch dissenting. These documents were filed in the U. The complaint and agreed-upon final order name the following defendants: Airborne Health, Inc.

We use quality Rotax aircraft engines in all of our current designs.

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Feel confident when you fly, choose a certified aircraft. Our design's are tested to 6g positive and 3g negative.

Other test requirements include landing load, deceleration and weld testing. Gyrocopter's, gyroplane's, auto gyro's and rotorcraft are easy and fun to to fly.

The gyrocopter, gyroplane, autogyro and rotorcraft have developed into a safe and reliable aircraft. Vittorio Magni's passion and knowledge has helped in shaping new generation high tech gyro's into what they are today. Discrete-derived surface topography products: Approximately one meter at meters above ground level AGL.

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It measures reflected light energy in greater than narrow spectral bands extending from to nm with a spectral sampling of five nm. Lidar: Introduction to Light Detection and Ranging. Light Detection and Ranging. These data will provide new insights into how invasive species are spreading over time and how changes in climate and land use impact forest health and their ability to sequester carbon.

These data may also be combined with field-based measurements to estimate ground and atmospheric conditions across sites.

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  • Airborne settles lawsuit for $23.3 million.

Vegetation health, distribution and biochemistry play an important role in how ecosystems change. Collecting airborne remote sensing data of an ecosystem can provide valuable insights into these processes, especially when they are surveyed following major disturbance events such as floods or wildfires.

However, the equipment needed to collect these data can be cost prohibitive for a research study.