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One Moment in Time

Some videos used VHS cassettes which had recordings or material that has been taken off the TV at the time. Luckily for the filmmakers, Houston always travelled with a huge entourage made up mostly of family and management. Dwyer and her team had to tackle suspicion and reluctance to share the footage for the documentary.

The commonly held belief that A-list stars all have nicely catalogued, dated and stored archive turns out to not be true. Archive footage was tracked down in places as far afield as Japan, the Netherlands and a storage facility in Los Angeles owned by a man who lived up a mountain in Montana.

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The team amassed over 1, tapes of various lengths of which around were masters, plus some 2, stills and additional footage originally found on YouTube. Macdonald says the archive footage was of variable quality. Macdonald says the mixture of archive quality and talking heads adds to the texture and flavour of it.

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I enjoyed putting together the montages - cutting her rise to success and downfall together with the music and archive news footage and commercials of the time. I tried to evoke a sense of place and period but also the political arena in which she is living. Erspamer had known Whitney and her family from her Oprah days and teamed with Chinn for the project before Macdonald joined as director.

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With Macdonald onboard, Chinn was able to raise the budget to make the project as a feature. This was exclusively theatrical pre-sales. Altitude sold the world in the two weeks of Cannes and we financed it with those pre sales with the bank. The budget for the film, including the cash for archive, is a closely guarded secret with the key backers all signing non-disclosure agreements. The story that is never told about Whitney is just how uniquely brilliant she was as an artist; by many measures she had the greatest voice of the last 50 years.

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She changed the way pop music was sung bringing it back full circle to blues and gospel roots. Her legacy was her music and we celebrate her life and songs with a musical concert dedicated to the legend that is Whitney Houston.

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Along with a lot of hard work, passion and vocal techniques, her vocal range can deliver the classics with all the Dance — Super hits, the Great Ballads and of course the songs from the Bodyguard Honours that we all love of Whitney Houston. Due to ticket fee legislation, your receipt will show the booking fees and ticket values separately.

This will not affect the advertised ticket price. For more information about the changes to our booking and transaction fees, click here. The box office is open On Sundays it opens an hour before performances until 30 minutes after curtain up.