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You can change your cookie settings at any time. Get ready for Brexit. This was published under the to Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government. Applying our conflict prevention responsibilities effectively requires us to have the deepest possible understanding of conflict. Too often in the Council, our attention is focused on the proximate causes and immediate triggers of conflict. This debate, and your thoughtful concept note, usefully encourage us to look deeper and more searchingly into the underlying causes and historical roots of conflict.

Historical understanding is a key component of productive diplomacy.

Understanding history deepens our understanding of the contemporary challenges confronting the Security Council. As diplomats and representatives of our governments, we have important responsibilities towards history. Our national histories are important parts of our identities as nation states. All countries rightly take pride in their achievements as nations; the sacrifices made by their armed forces; and in the distinguished individuals that have shaped their culture and history, who may appear on our banknotes and in the statues in our squares.

Treated responsibly, these histories can bind us together. But we also have a responsibility to address our history in an objective and unprejudiced way which does justice to the truth and which, by acknowledging the mistakes of the past, contributes to a secure and stable future.

This is important not just because historical truth has a value in its own right. But also because addressing the past honestly provides a basis for shared understanding, healing divisions and moving forward. In the United Kingdom, the Saville Inquiry, completed in , provided a full picture of the tragic events of 30 January in Northern Ireland, known as Bloody Sunday. In presenting the results of that Inquiry to Parliament, and in apologising on behalf of the government and the country, Prime Minister David Cameron voiced a wider truth about historical responsibility.

History of Australian diplomacy

He said:. Just as a responsible approach to history can contribute to peace and security so, sadly, the opposite is true. The conflicts in the Balkans in the s provide an object lesson in the consequences of political leaders abusing history. By harnessing a skewed historical narrative to fuel extreme nationalist ideologies and to promote hatred and tension between different ethnic or religious communities. History should never be treated as a form of intellectual ammunition to incite, conduct or prolong conflict.

Historical disputes should not be perpetuated or used for political ends. A profound understanding of the consequences of two World Wars and the inadequacies of the inter-war League of Nations informed the structure and the founding principles of the United Nations. An understanding of the lessons of the past helped give rise to an enduring and resilient multilateral organisation which has made an incalculable contribution to international peace and security.

But the United Nations too needs to look self-critically at its history and draw the necessary lessons.

History at the heart of diplomacy - History of government

This year will see the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda. Next year will see the 20th anniversary of the genocide carried out in Srebrenica.

The History of Diplomacy

Forgot your login information? Chapter 2: A Conceptual History of Diplomacy. Leira, H. A conceptual history of diplomacy. Leira, Halvard. Costas M. ConstantinouPauline Kerr and Paul Sharp. SAGE Knowledge.

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