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As always its a race against time to save the day. But this time Phoenix is more of a hindrance as he faces an addiction with his new sword calling for blood. I felt this was a four mainly for some improbabilities within the story such as the final battle and the intervention of a few gods at the end. It's still a good story and worth continuing the series. July 17, - Published on Amazon. Our heroes now arrive in Egypt to continue their quest.

We see some character growth from Jade I hope this sticks as I like her more powerful and from Phoenix I hope this sticks, so I want to hit him less. Marcus remains the rock of the group.

80ad - The Tekhen of Anuket (Book 3) -

The author pulls a plot twist, which makes sense upon reflection but I didn't see it coming. I like the old Roman that is introduced. The author's version of Thor is I can see him throwing down Boilermakers and listening to Black Sabbath. This is probably the strongest title so far.

Apparently, the entire series is going to be free. Frankly, this is too good to have the entire series be free. The author should get paid for her work.

The Egyptians worshiped Anuket- Goddess of the Nile, Baal- God of the Desert,

Easy to recommend. Edit - from now having seen the author's website, I realize that I am way, way, way past the intended age of the audience. Still, fun to read for adults also.

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June 13, - Published on Amazon. This review is for the whole set. I really enjoyed reading these, both the gaming aspects and the historical aspects. They are written for young adults, but I think they can be good for people of any age. The history is from a period that I like, and what I checked was accurate. February 22, - Published on Amazon. I am on the 3rd book now. There are a few typos but it doesn't slow me down. There are some mild bad words which I would prefer not seeing.

It really does not help a book or movie. This is a good adventure series and keeps me wondering what is around the corner of the next page. The characters learn about sacrifice, loyalty, and friendship.

Most of all, the characters each learn about themselves and what makes them special and how to use their own strengths and improve short comings. Something we all need to do. November 30, - Published on Amazon. This is a great read for the pre-teen to the young at heart adult.

Together they must escape the clutches of the high priest of the Egyptian god, Set and release the imprisoned goddess of the Nile, Anuket. Without Anuket, Egypt suffers endless drought and the country will die.

80AD - The Tekhen of Anuket (Book 3)

An ancient prophecy predicts 'the Phoenix' to be the savior of Egypt, but our Phoenix doesn't think he's up for it. To make matters worse, Phoenix and Jade's old enemy, Feng Zhudai, is manipulating the Roman leader of Egypt, weaselling his way into things, trying again to upset the balance of this world by causing chaos. If they fail to release Anuket and the Nile, Feng Zhudai will win this round and trap them in Level 3 of the game forever.

Create Widget. About Aiki Flinthart. About the Series: 80AD. If you've ever played computer games and wished you could be your avatar, this is the series for you. When Phoenix and Jade are sucked into the game 80AD, they are no longer 14yo ordinary kids, but are now their 17yo avatars.

Phoenix is a warrior and can't wait to kick-ass in a way he can't in his real life. Jade is a spell-weaver, but she just wants to get home. To do that, they'll have to play out the game and defeat the villain, Feng Zhudai. But nothing is as it seems, for this fantasy world is connected to the real world.

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If Phoenix and Jade fail, their world could fall to Feng Zhudai as well. And there's no unlimited re-spawns here - just seven lives. Once they're gone, you're dead. So Jade and Phoenix will have to overcome their differences and defeat monsters, druids, Romans, gods and their own fears in order to succeed. Also in Series: 80AD. Also by This Author. Zippy Me reviewed on on Jan. This and book 2 are my favorites of this series. I Google TTS them on the way to work with a carpool. Everyone in the carpool wad addicted to the series. Thanks for taking the time to write such an amazing work!

Raw L reviewed on on June 17, I loved this book!

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It took me to another world 'Egypt',which I adore because I am Arabian. And I can't wait to read the next one like the usual.